The training researchers undergo to become excellent scientists and scholars rarely includes training in leadership. Coaching provides a process to gain the skills and confidence needed to work as an effective research leader, whether for a new researcher or an established investigator moving into larger collaborative challenges.

ATG's Open Research Leadership Development programs offer excellent opportunities for emerging researchers to network across institutions and deepen their understanding of themselves, their work, and the context in which both reside. 


This curriculum-based group coaching program provides skills, tools, and leadership concepts for long-term success in your research enterprise, and our coaches know how the academy works.

Hear from some of our recent open Research Leadership Program participants: 

I liked the practical life/work advice. It was like you distilled the most useful parts of a bunch of different books and articles and gave us the takeaway message. Very helpful.


I found all the tools/tricks to be helpful. The homework and homework debriefing was very effective.


I think there were a lot of good and concrete ways to articulate how we think and process the business of our science and behavior. The structured tools for reflection (i.e., expert vs manager vs entrepreneur), modulation (above the line/below the line, CLEAR, etc), and planning (garden theory, lean canvas etc.) were all really useful.”