Resources for New PIs: Help Finding the Way

Updated: Aug 27

In anticipation of our August Brown Bag event - The Roles You Play as a PI - we asked our followers for their favorite and most useful resources for new PIs. Here are six of their top picks, in no particular order.

Podcast: Your Unapologetic Career with Kemi Doll

Each episode of this podcast by Kemi Doll - physician, surgeon, researcher, coach, and career strategist - focuses on one core career growth strategy. Her focus is "being a woman of color in academic medicine who wants to make a real difference with her career." Episode 2 was recommended - listen to find out why.

Academaze: Finding Your Way Through the American Research University by Sydney Phlox

Written under a pen name, this collection of essays and cartoons about academic life is sure to amuse you.

Here’s an excerpt of a review from the Newsletter of the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics and the Committee on Minorities of the American Physical Society:

“Sydney Phlox is a professor in a physical science field, and writes candidly about all aspects of academia, from the joys of teaching, to the frustration of working with difficult colleagues. Her writing style is conversational and pleasant to read. Each essay is a bite-sized nugget of information; perfect for reading one-at-a-time during 5 minute breaks from debugging code, or reading a few over a coffee while procrastinating on that journal article I have to review. Although I didn’t agree with all her opinions, it was still interesting to hear a different point of view (Sydney Phlox is partial to traditional lecture courses, while I prefer interactive instructional styles). On the other hand, I found myself nodding along in agreement with many of her ideas on writing and communication. We even share a writing role model, Stephen King.”