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Research Development  |  Grant Writing

AtKisson Training Group works with academics to grow their careers in three ways. The first is training in grant writing; helping people understand how proposals work, and why, to decrease their frustration with writing and increase success. The second activity is helping large multidisciplinary teams strengthen their connections to craft a project—described in a proposal—that will have a strong impact on science. The third activity is coaching and leadership development, helping people learn to create effective, inclusive, and human culture while producing great research.

ATG aims to promote inclusion at every level of our work to foster a more humane and open academy. Through a process of open inquiry about privilege within academia and our culture at large, we seek to deepen our understanding of systemic marginalization and incorporate more inclusive practices into our workspace. To this end, we commit to investing company resources and time to foster belonging and design a more inclusive team, training, and vision for ATG and our clients. 

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