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Enjoy our selection of free materials, including excerpts from the Handbook for Planning and Writing Successful Grant Proposals and clips from some of our most popular Webinars.

"What is innovation? I got this from a book called the Social Life of Information, that is fabulous on a number of levels, but this one point really stuck with me for thinking about innovation sections in NIH proposals, and that is: invention + impact = innovation. You can have something that’s inventive, but if it has no impact, it really isn’t something you can argue for as “innovative”."

"That idea is absolutely key. If you have too many ideas involved, you’ve got a problem. So you want to get your best critics to help you. Make sure that your peers and collegues will really, honestly tell you: is this an exciting idea? Check with that program officer, like I said. Is it relevant to the portfolio? Do they want to see it again? Questions on the idea are perfectly legitimate to ask." 

Handbook for Planning and Writing Successful Grant Proposals: Introduction

Preview the first few pages directly on our site, or download the pages to read on your computer, tablet, or phone. Click the Download icon (to the immediate right of the printer icon) to save the PDF to your device. 

Handbook Excerpts
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