Our consultants bring direct experience with many agencies and types of multi-investigator proposals. Such expertise and assistance can lower the "activation barrier" for faculty who may be interested in pursuing larger-scale projects and centers. 


By coming in at the earlier stages in the development phase, our consultants can also provide coaching in team development and the creation of management strategies. These management strategies apply both to the process of preparing the proposal and to creating management structures that would provide sustainable leadership and success in the funded project or center. 

Assistance with a large proposal can be combined with Research Leadership Coaching to create a strong team with the leadership skills needed to run a successful center or team. We can also provide a Large Proposals Workshop to help your faculty learn effective practices to develop large proposals.

We can help you find the through-line in a complex information field to create a coherent and compelling proposal.

ATG will also work with your staff during the proposal development process and include them on our team to teach the approaches we use.