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Jet LeBlanc
Consultant and Coach

Jet LeBlanc brings 25 years of industry experience in leading teams to ATG's bench. A highly skilled writer, editor, coach, and trainer, Jet has led individuals and groups through times of change and disruption, helping to improve business practices and communications. In her last major industry role before joining ATG and the research development world, she was Principal Information Developer and served as the lead Agile coach to a global development organization. She also oversaw documentation and process improvement for the team's multimillion dollar financial product. 


Jet specializes in communication and collaboration. She provides program development to ATG, and leadership coaching and workshop facilitation to our clients, always though the lens of inclusive communication. She is on the LEADin3 team, developing and delivering leadership training tailored for the academy. She also works with underserved populations through the Alternatives to Violence Project, in the belief that we all have the capacity to learn and grow, if we’re given the opportunity. 


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