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I was extremely impressed with the speaker's ability to be engaging even over a virtual platform. Really great information, and very well presented. 

STEM seminar participant, 2021

General Audience

The presenter was very engaging. I expected the training to be very dry because the material covered could be dry. She presented in a digestible and accessible way. Though the presentation was aimed at applying for high-level federal grants, I could apply the content to my smaller scale work.

I thought I would be bored. I was wrong.

Portland State University

I think this is very useful for new investigators. I've received a few grants in my day, and I appreciated confirmation that my style and structure are pretty good (or at least not bad), but the refresher is also helpful. I try to help my students / postdocs with vague statements like "you need to take your reader by the hand and lead them along the path you want them to take." This doesn't make any sense to inexperienced people. The AtKisson Group takes this same sentiment and includes details of sentence structure, proper grammar, subtitles, flow charts, useful figures, etc., to foster good grantsmanship and to train the writer to write for the reader. I will be referencing the Handbook frequently.

University of North Texas

Dr. Atkisson kept my attention throughout the entire seminar! Very interesting, straight forward and with very important, key tips… Thank you!

Wayne State University

This was a wonderful break down of the grant writing process, with very specific suggestions for success.

University of North Texas

I have attended many grant writing seminars and this was one of best in terms of offering practical advice with concrete examples. Appreciated that she took the time to explain the theory and conceptual basis of her advice – unfortunately I learned much of this through experience of applying for grants and having it criticized by reviewers – wish I had this before.

University of New Hampshire

One of the best workshops of this kind that I have participated in.

University of North Texas Health Science Center

This training was extremely helpful in de-mystifying the grant-writing planning and writing steps. I am the graduate STEM writing consultant with a somewhat successful track record of writing and obtaining funding, but this seminar very neatly and nicely outlined all the do's and don't's that I pain-stakingly had to teach myself. The relational and writing tips for success at the graduate level were also extremely useful, and I no longer feel as if I was baptised by fire into the grant-writing world. Thank you, Dr. AtKisson.

Baylor College of Medicine

Starting Out

Well spoken, candid, empowering, clear, better than the same old nonsense that gets spouted a lot of the time.

This program was much better than I was expecting. It was a great resource for grad students and early career scientists.

This workshop exceeded my expectations. The presenter kept us engaged and was easy to follow. The take-home materials were super helpful too! Thank you!

Utah State University

Dr. Atkisson kept my attention throughout the entire seminar! Very interesting, straight forward and with very important, key tips… Thank you!

Wayne State University

As a clinical fellow I’m writing and had no prior experience/knowledge in the grant writing process and this workshop was a wonderful eye opener to a new comer. It was not too complex for a person like me who had no prior experience and I was able to follow along throughout the session. Great handouts! Loved it!

University of New Hampshire

The speaker was very knowledgeable and articulate. She had strong presentation skills, was receptive of questions, and had relevant experience and advice. I'm pretty worn out from the number of online meetings/communications that I've been participating in but I was able to take useful information and new ideas from this presentation.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Very engaging and knowledgeable presenter. Enjoyed the program and would recommend it to others. Outstanding program. This will make me better at writing, developing, and reviewing grant proposals.

University of New Hampshire

This is my third time at this workshop and I've learned something new and helpful every time. I also participated in the proposal development program and I think having more opportunities for faculty to receive feedback from Peg on their writing (e.g. additional workshop-style opportunities) would be extremely helpful. I thought the level of the discussion / content was the perfect complexity / difficulty this year.

Baylor College of Medicine


I attended a CAREER Award Workshop by AtKisson Training Group in April 2018 provided by the OVPR. I received word today that my NSF CAREER application submitted in the summer of 2018 has been awarded funding. I’m confident that this wouldn’t have been the case without the things I learned during this workshop.

CAREER recipient

ATG does a wonderful job of breaking down how to "attack" the proposal writing process in a manageable way.

University of Connecticut

NIH K Awards

This was a fantastic presentation. I thought that it was extremely well focused, thorough, and provided insight and information which I would not have been able to garner from readily available resources on the internet or even fellow department members who may have been through the process before. I also appreciated how we could ask questions at any time throughout the presentation--this aided in clarity and relevancy. I thought the speaker was very clear and engaging--there was a wealth of content, meriting the long duration, and I did not feel bored, lost, or disengaged at any point. I believe activities and trainings like these set applicants up for success, and it should be a priority for institutions like Wayne State to make them available for all applicants at their institution.

I have had a hard time finding clear, accurate resources for grant writing because there are so many! This is one of the clearest resources I have found, and Peg's practical experience in the room is invaluable.

Wayne State


A lot of high-quality information was provided in the training. I came in with very little knowledge about grants and the grant-writing process and left with a concrete plan for drafts. The handbook is a great resource with a high level of detail.

University of Cincinnati

ATG does the best work on this topic I've ever experienced.

Utah State University

Research Leadership Development

Working with ATG has helped me approach post-tenure life—growing my lab, increased service, and a more complex family life—with intentionality and focus on the 'infinite game' of doing research and leading researchers with impact. Given that structured mentoring drops precipitously once the tenure hurdle is passed, I feel lucky to have ATG's help as I continue to meet my goals, even more efficiently than I did pre-tenure despite growing demands on my time.

Associate Professor, Ivy League University

Custom Workshops

Your presentation, activities and style were perfect for our audience and needs. I plan to use your presentation as a best practice example for my other RCR workshop facilitators.

Responsible Conduct in Research organizer

Complex Proposal Support

I know as a regular reviewer of these [Specific Centers] and many other grants as well as a former council member, that we should follow ATG's advice very very closely.

PI, NIH P50 application

I want to make sure that you know how grateful we are for your help. As I looked over the reviews you did for the Cores and Resources, I realized what a skill you have. You were able to keep what was good in the authors' attempts and push them in the direction they need to take. Are you sure you aren't a behavioral psychologist? I found your approach very motivating and the others did, too. On behalf of all those who have worked so hard on this project, thank you for your hard work.

Professor, PI, state-wide consortium CTSA application resubmission

Individual Proposal Development

I regard your detailed and specific feedback on my [Specific Aims] as one of the best scientific events that happened to me in the last years.

R1 State University

This is my first NSF proposal. So I really appreciate having you guide me through this process which would otherwise be extremely intimidating. I truly learned quite a lot about grant writing. Whenever I eventually succeed in securing a grant, I definitely have you to thank for it.

Regional State University

It was funded by NIDRR (Dept of Ed) through their Field Initiated Competition. Your feedback really helped me to learn how to 'package' a grant. I re-read the proposal yesterday (to remind myself what we promised to do!) and thought, 'Wow, this is really well written - no wonder they funded it!'

Regional State University



American Gastroenterological Association 

Arizona State University

Baylor College of Medicine

Baylor University

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Brown University

Carnegie Mellon

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Detroit Medical Center

George Washington University

Henry Ford Health Systems

Hunter College

Indiana University - Bloomington

Massachusetts General Hospital

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Northeastern University

Norwich University

Oakland University

The Ohio State University

Oregon Health and Science University

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Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Wake Forest University

Washington State Elson S Floyd College of Medicine

Washington State University

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Weill Cornell Medicine

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Wright State University

And other institutions that do not permit their names to be made public.